Fundamentals about French bulldogs

The French bulldog is also termed as Frenchie. These dogs have brown or tan color coating and bat shaped ears. This breed originated in the 19th century and the dogs were good companions of English workers. They have distinct eyes and loving temperament. They were thought to be originated from the original English bulldog, pug, massifs and terrier breeds.

French bulldogs are smaller in comparison to the English version and the height is 11-14 inches with 22-28 pounds weight. They are friendly and less aggressive due to which, they are not preferred much as watch guards. This breed is quite easy to train and have the capability to learn things very fast. These dogs are great and suitable family pets. It is not tough to take care of them as one time brushing in the whole week is quite suitable. These dogs don’t require too much space and can be happy staying in an apartment. for further details, visit


French bulldogs live for 10-12 years and might get health problems related to eyes, heart or respiratory systems. They can get obese with the lack of exercises, which might lead to spine, joint or muscular disorders. These dogs might develop aggressive or destructive behavior with hyperactivity. You need to give them a lot of attention and care for their body. They can’t bear high temperature and get heat strokes very soon. These dogs are the best for the families and even retired people as they don’t require much time or space.

Dog owners find them very appealing for their amazing company. They will be awesome and lovable companions due to the sweet nature. If you have decided to get one French Bulldog for your house, get ready to see the cute face every day giving you all the love and cuddling. You will definitely be glad to adopt or buy the dog to make it a part of your life.